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how ?

Cool idea, but I dont like how you didnt use Trevor in this parody. Whats the good of parodying only 2 of the crime gods of Los Santos? Trevor Philips is the most outrageous, violent character in video game history, it would of been great seeing a kid friendly version of him.
I respect how hard it must of been to create a 3d cartoon, but without Trevor this feels very incomplete.

And to think that I almost forgot about this series.
Wogoat, seriously bro, how long has it been since you made an X Men parody? I gave up hope about seeing another a long time ago!
This installment stays to the same classic humor as the old ones. Breaking the fourth wall and making fun of the X Men comic book plots. I haven't quite seen anything on Newgrounds that does comic book parodies as well as Wogoat does.
looking forward to the next one

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Well it's a fairly impressive character creation. im impressed by the ability to increase certain body aspects that most people wouldn't even consider. i'll watch for developments

StarLordGames responds:

Well, that's the whole point of character customization in an adult game :)

Im just gonna be blunt. The art is mediocre and the gameplay isn't attention gripping. The game is boring.
what ticks me off is how short the actually xxx part of this game is. You're gonna spend most of your time trying to get the girl to fuck you then actually fucking her, and then when you finally do get to have sex, the payoff is very unrewarding.
And it pains me to see this, considering how high the standard was with the original Meet N' Fuck games.

Oh my God.. I beat it... I actually beat it on the hardest difficulty. I played this game DOZENS of times in the past trying to beat it, and today I finally did!
Needless to say its a challenging game, but I had some issues with it. The most significant one being how this game... its not really that sexy or arousing. Sure, if your playing the game on hard difficulty you get see Samus's tits, but only for a brief amount of time before you instantly have to start shooting stuff again. I was playing this game, hoping that after I beat it there would be an unlocked art gallery, like in one of your other games... But there wasn't. Instead, I got a disappointing ending scene.

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its a very catchy song

it has a really good set of lyrics, and the beat is impressive

Assios responds:

Thanks! :)

HA ha hahaha

sanity not included was probaly my favorite machinima, its awsome how i just randomly found this reference


it feels like a techno parody of P pop goes the weezle" i found that it was a bit too high in the beginning.

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yep. definitely deserves the highest score imaginable

This probably sounds really weird, but I love how you draw nipples.
Awesome work

That was pretty unexpected.
I thought I knew the punchline, but you gave it an original and clever twist.
How I thought this was going to go was:
"I like my women the way I like my coffee... WITH MY DICK IN IT"

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