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Posted by Thefarmer100 - February 27th, 2013

I love this series so god damn much, I need to write the title in capital letters to describe my love for it!
Hellsing: Ultimate is a much needed change in vampire lore for too long have true blood sucker fans have had to deal with the popularity of the Twilight series in recent years.
Hellsing: Ultimate is an anime based off the manga series written by Kouta Hirano and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. The manga lasted from 1997-2008. The manga first spawned its first anime series which sadly only lasted from 2001-2002.
Hellsing: Ultimate, however, first appeared in 2006 and is only now looking down only its series finale (despite only having more then 12, 1 hour long episodes)
What is Hellsing: Ultimate?
The series follows vampiric bad ass Alucard and his newly turned vampire side kick Seras Victoria (who has huge tits, just so you know) fight a Neo-Nazi group called "Millennium". The story takes place in a world where a British gov't organization known as "Hellsing", which has been keeping the existence of vampires a secret.
The animation in this is nothing less then fan-fucking-tastic, the detail in this series is incredibly well done. Considering that this is a story about a vampire -God (Yeah, Alucards practically a fucking God) with his big titied side kick, killing Nazi zombie/vampires, yeah the story is as crazy as Mel Gibson at a Jewish convention.
As for gore, if your not a fan of blood, stay away from Hellsing: Ultimate. I have never seen so much exaggerated gore in an ANIMATED series. The violence in this is over the top fun and this series has alot of balls when it comes to religion.
Yeah, the creators of Hellsing: Ultimate are not shy to criticize Christianity ( especially Catholics).
The characters are very cool in this series, especially the crazy-chest police girl. when I first seen Seras Victroria I figured she would just be some eye candy for teenage anime fans to fap to. She is a badass female character. Brave, fun, badass character that is a long deserved breathe of fresh air for those who have suffered from the theatric piece of shit that is Kristen Stewart's acting.
Hellsing: Ultimate is over the top anime fun, for those who love blood, supernatural and great fight scenes

Posted by Thefarmer100 - July 24th, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises does a great job ending the story of Chris Nolan's Batman. This film provides so many great performances from Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale, but I feel that the one that gave the best performance was Micheal Kane as Alfred Pennyworth, unfortunately, you don't see as much of Alfred in this as you did in the Dark Knight or in Batman Begins.
At the end of the Dark Knight: To stop all the criminals that Harvey Dent had put behind bars, Batman is forced to take the blame for the murders of Two-Face's victims with the only person knowing the truth is Commissioner Gordon.
Taking place 8 years later, we see a spiritually and physically broken Bruce Wayne who has hung up his cape and cowl and went into seclusion inside of Wayne Manor. At this time, a disfigured criminal genius only known as "Bane" plans on destroying Gotham! And Bane is a magnificent character in this film, not only does he plummet Gotham into an anarchic state, being the only character that is physically superior to Batman, he forces Bruce Wayne to push himself harder then ever. And he does something that the Joker never could accomplish in the Dark Knight, he forces Gotham to sheer chaos!
The story in this is great, it combines the story elements of great comics like, "No man's Land" and "Nightfall".
However, the story can get convoluted at times, but compared to everything else that is only a minor problem.
Great performances, the fight scenes are great, it didn't depend on CGI like the Avenger's did. It is a fantastic film! Go see it right away.

The Dark Knight Rises Review!

Posted by Thefarmer100 - November 22nd, 2011

this is just a reminder of what vampires shoul look like.


Posted by Thefarmer100 - November 6th, 2011

hey everbody, just here saying that ive made a new drawing, its of my favorite original pokemon, Weezing!
if you like it, go to my page and review it, and give it any number of stars that you see fit, thank you

another Pokemon Paint

Posted by Thefarmer100 - October 15th, 2011

this is something i created in ms paint, based off of the internet meme, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED".
im probaly going to make more art base off of internet refrences.


Posted by Thefarmer100 - September 22nd, 2011



Posted by Thefarmer100 - September 18th, 2011

ITS A VOLTORB!..... give it 10 starz

its a voltorb!